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Digital dentistry

CEREC CAD/CAM – digital technology in the service of dentistry This revolutionary technology enables the design and fabrication of dental prostheses with the help and accuracy of a computer. Result: aesthetic and accurate prosthesis in a very quick fabrication time.   Description du CAD/CAM CAD-Computer Aided Design CAM-Computer Aided Manufacturing This technology have been in…

Laser in dentistry

  Laser is an energy-rich beam, which has more types differentiated by the frequency of light waves and by their power expressed in Watt. Laser is frequently used in modern dentistry during root canal or periodontal treatments but it could be helpful also in treatment of dental caries. During root canal treatment, the laser beam…


Dental implants restore the comfort and aesthetics of natural teeth, thereby improving your quality of life. They also have a positive impact on people’s confidence and mental health.