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CEREC CAD/CAM – digital technology in the service of dentistry

This revolutionary technology enables the design and fabrication of dental prostheses with the help and accuracy of a computer. Result: aesthetic and accurate prosthesis in a very quick fabrication time.


Description du CAD/CAM

CAD-Computer Aided Design

CAM-Computer Aided Manufacturing

This technology have been in use for long in different fields, its use for dental purposes was worked out by a German enterprise called Dentsply Sirona (Siemens Group).


Fabrication process of dental prostheses

  1. Preparation of teeth
  2. Digital impression, scan (Digital impression taking with optical scanning by an infrared camera. The camera faithfully reproduces the form, the colour and the contact points of teeth as well.)
  3. CEREC design software (the design software conceives the prosthesis virtually and personalises it for each patient while creating a perfectly natural form and appearance)
  4. Fabrication with CNC milling machine (The data on the crown designed by the software will be sent to the milling machine which will sculpt the crown to an accuracy of a thousandth of a millimetre. Prostheses are fabricated with biocompatible materials that insure perfect appearance.)
  5. Crystallisation and glazing (The prosthesis gets its solidity and brightness in an oven designed for this purpose.)


  • The prosthesis can be fabricated within a few hours
  • No need for impression taking
  • No need for temporary crowns
  • Beautiful appearance
  • Accuracy
  • Biocompatible material

Therapeutic indications

  • Crowns, bridges
  • Veneers
  • Inlays, onlays
  • Crowns on implant

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