The purpose of Dental Palace is first of all to provide the highest possible quality of service with sure expertise and the most modern equipment.

Warranty is provided for each prosthesis and implant. Broken or unscrewed implants and prostheses will be repaired or replaced in case of appropriate use.

The warranty period of crowns and bridges is 3 years. The implant manufacturers provide a life-time warranty on implant material and in case of fabrication defaults. Our clinic insures a re-implantation warranty of 10 years. The warranty of removable permanent prostheses is 2 years.

Warranty onditions:

  • The patient has to have a dental check-up and scaling two times a year and the certificate must be sent to our clinic.
  • The prosthesis must be used and cleaned in an appropriate way and the patient has to have impeccable oral and dental hygiene and has to follow the dentist’s instructions.
  • Inappropriate or extreme use of prosthesis is not allowed. The warranty is valid in case of appropriate use only.