Laser is an energy-rich beam, which has more types differentiated by the frequency of light waves and by their power expressed in Watt. Laser is frequently used in modern dentistry during root canal or periodontal treatments but it could be helpful also in treatment of dental caries. During root canal treatment, the laser beam is lead into the canal with the help of a long and refined device and there it destroys bacteria and eliminates inflammation.

During root canal treatment the laser beam is lead into the root canal with the help of a long and refined device and there it destroys bacteria and eliminates inflammations. The use of laser makes root canal treatment extremely efficient as laser beams are able to reach even those parts of the root canal which are inaccessible with traditional dental tools.

The use of laser in the field of dentistry is more and more widespread. Since a decade, both soft laser and surgical, high power laser are extremely prevalent. Wearing safety glasses is obligatory during the dental laser treatment. Dental Palace is Hungary’s firs dental clinic equipped with a SIRONA SIROLASER ADVANCED laser diode.

Soft laser therapy

  1. The soft laser reduces pain and inflammation and it accelerates the healing thanks to its bio stimulating effect.
  2. It allows fast recovery from such diseases of the buccal mucosa as herpes, canker sore, ulcer and chronic inflammation
  3. The laser therapy attenuates the pain and reduces the healing period by half. Thorough examination and precise diagnosis are required before the therapy in order to decide whether the therapy is sufficient in itself or it should be complemented by other treatments.

Surgery of soft tissues

Laser surgery has important advantages such as a positive effect on the coagulation during interventions, enhanced wound healing, minimal risk of oedema, attenuation of pain. Surgical laser provides the surgeon with new technical possibilities and decreases the inconveniences of the Patient.

Avantages for the Patient:

  • Intervention essentially without bleeding, controlled healing
  • Wound instantly disinfected
  • No suturing, no stitches

III. Laser in root canal treatment

Sore dental pulp generates sensibility and pain reaction to cold and warm. In order to conserve the concerned tooth, all bacteria and inflammation should be removed from the core of root canals. Laser beam is extremely efficient even in the narrowest root canals.

Avantages for the Patient:

  • Removal of bacteria in root canals and sterilisation
  • The treatment requires less time
  • Treatment of periodontal diseases and pockets, of gum recession and of loose tooth

Thanks to the developments of laser equipment in the past years the treatment of tissues around loose teeth is nowadays essentially painless. This treatment constricts periodontal pockets with extremely thin fibreglass and removes germs. In most cases dental neck will be covered by the gum again and loose teeth will regain their stability.

Avantages for the Patient :

  • Comfortable treatment, minimal pain
  • Treatment without bleeding
  • Enhanced wound healing

IV. Interventions on hard tissues

Thanks to researches carried out in this decade on laser types of different wavelengths and on the development of compact machines, up-to-date equipment allows efficient and accurate treatment of the hard tissues of the tooth. These devices help successfully the application of dental sealants for children, dental neck sensibility treatments and the closing of the root canal after resection.

The use of such high-performance lasers is unavoidable part of modern dentistry. Our clinic is equipped with a SIRONA® SIROLASER ADVANCES laser diode suitable for the treatment of both soft and hard tissues. The benefits of laser are used almost in every fields of dentistry.

Oral surgery
In case of oral surgery the intervention is possible without bleeding, the wound healing is optimal with minimal risk of oedema and the wound is immediately sterilised. Thanks to the bio stimulating effect of the laser, the Patient will not have stitches and lasting wounds after the intervention.

The sterilisation of infected root canals is essential in order to preserve the tooth. Thanks to its energy, laser beam can be lead even into those root canals which are inaccessible with traditional devices and there it could help destroy bacteria.

The laser removes bacteria and infected tissues from the deep periodontal pockets around loose teeth, thus helping the recovery from periodontitis. Usually the use of laser completes classic periodontal therapy consisting of scaling and curettage.

Preservation and prostheses
The lengthening of a crown becomes often necessary due to the treatment of sub-gingival tooth decay. In this case a part of the gum should be removed. Thanks to the laser, this intervention is possible without bleeding and wound healing becomes optimal.

Painless treatment and regeneration
The use of soft laser attenuates pain and inflammations and – thanks to its bio stimulating effect – accelerates wound healing in most cases of buccal mucosa pathologies.