A 52 year old male patient lost his four upper front teeth in an accident years ago. He received two ICX implants, two implant abutments and a four-unit zirconium bridge. The result is natural and fits perfectly into the existing teeth.

A 62-year-old female patient, she didn’t like her upper zirconium crowns that she had recently received at another dental clinique, she found them too long and one fell off. She received 12 metal-ceramic crowns on her upper teeth, she is very satisfied with the result.

37-year-old male patient, his teeth were loose due to periodontal disease and heavy smoking, and had to be removed. The rehabilitation of the upper and lower jaw was carried out with 6-6 ICX implants, 6-6 implant abutments and 12-12 metal-ceramic crowns. The patient has quit smoking, so the result will be durable.