When you contact a dental clinic, first of all an accurate diagnosis must be made. On the basis of the diagnosis, the dentist will be able to recommend treatments and decide which type of treatment would fit your case the most and which interventions can resolve your dental problem.

Our main objective at Dental Palace is to get the most accurate image of your dental health conditions as possible with the help of our highly- qualified specialists and of the newest diagnostic tools and to provide the most suitable treatment plan for you, with regard to your expectations and possibilities as well.

In the first consultation the dentist enquires about your medical history and registers the current status. The condition of the mouth and teeth will be revealed through close examination. If necessary, further diagnostic tools are also available:

Panoramic X-ray: with the help of this tool we can get an image of the complete dentition in an easy and swift manner, with minimal exposure. The assessment of the image is possible immediately.

Intraoral, retroalveolar X-ray: provides a targeted image of a specific part of the dentition in a few seconds.

CBCT (Cone Beam CT): A unique tool of medical imaging technology that represents even the smallest anatomical detail in 3 dimensions. It enables deepened focus research and provides essential information about bone quantity and quality in case of planning of implantation and arthroplasty interventions.

Oncological screening: regular screening has major importance in diagnosis of buccal tumours. The examination is rapid and painless.

You will also have the possibility to discuss your treatment plan with your dentist, do not hesitate to ask questions.

The examinations are painless, without any obligations. Come to our clinic and see our expertise for yourself personally. Contact us for an appointment or fill in our contact form and one of our colleagues will call you soon.