In dentistry oral surgery and dentoalveolar surgery are engaged with the detection, treatment and removal of pathological changes of teeth, jaw and the surrounding soft tissues.

The diagnosis is set up on the basis of clinical and radiological examination and symptoms of the Patient. Once the diagnosis has been made, we inform our Patient about treatment possibilities in accordance with professional norms.

Treatments are usually done under local anaesthesia. More complicated tooth removals, the removal of impacted teeth, foreign substances, broken roots and inflammations of tooth apex are carried out in surgical exposure.

In these cases we use a wide range of surgical instruments and drilling equipment (physiodispenser, piezoelectric device) which allow gentle removal of bone tissue. In soft tissue-surgery we use not only traditional incisors but laser as well which can be really useful in many cases, for young Patients in particular. /Frenectomy for logopaedic or orthodontic purposes/

Today the most dynamically developing parts of dentoalveolar dentistry are implantology and implantology-related arthroplasty procedures.

Each oral surgery intervention will be followed by education. Respecting and following our instructions is crucial for rapid and full recovery.

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