Why should each missing tooth be replaced?

If a tooth falls out, other neighbouring teeth start to move, descend and could become overloaded. Due to the dislocation, food debris may get stuck between the teeth, they become more difficult to clean, so they could be damaged easier and the Patient may ends up loosing them.


How missing teeth can be replaced?

Missing teeth can be replaced with removable or fixed prostheses.

Removable prostheses: removable prosthetic devices, also called dentures.

When crowns and bridges cannot be prepared due to lack of abutment teeth and implantation is not possible either, we prepare removable prostheses. (Please click here for further information about implantation)

Removable prosthesis can be partial or complete. Partial prostheses are connected to existing teeth with the help of fasteners or hidden anchorage. The whole prosthesis will be secured based on the anatomical characteristics of the mouth. Until the end of the preparation of permanent prosthesis, adequate mastication and aesthetic look are insured with the help of provisional tooth replacements.

The acrylic crowns of prostheses are perfectly natural looking and are the exact copy of natural teeth.

Fixed prostheses: crowns and bridges

Crowns and bridges are fixed tooth replacements fastened to existing abutment teeth, roots or implants.

Crowns and bridges are prepared by our experienced dental technicians within a few days, but in our clinic the newest CAD-CAM technology is also available, that provides the possibility of preparing the tooth replacement in one hour.


Crowns and bridges can be made of

Porcelain fused to metal: preferred by many Patients as it provides affordable, aesthetic solution in high quality. The frame is made of metal alloy, covered by a ceramic layer. These tooth replacements are extremely stable, durable and thanks to the ceramic layer, aesthetic as well.

Porcelain fused to gold: The frame of the tooth replacement is made of gold alloy which allows extremely good nesting. Gold has natural antibacterial characteristic and does not provoke allergy. In case of appropriate oral hygiene, thanks to their characteristics the lifetime of these tooth replacements can be exceptionally long.

Porcelain fused to zirconia: This tooth replacement is completely metal-free and it provides the most aesthetic solution with the most natural look. The zirconia covered by ceramic layer has the same transparency as natural teeth. The replacement can be prepared by our dental technicians or with the help of CAD-CAM technology within one hour.